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Learn the Art and Craft of Voice Over

Welcome to the Houser/Holt VO Workshop.  We’re excited to provide our students an encouraging and supportive environment to discover and develop their vocal talents.  We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced students, the opportunity to define and refine their craft as they prepare for a career in voice over.

Jerry Houser (Producer & VO Talent) and Robb Holt (Engineer & Producer) are two of the industry’s leading professionals.  Having worked together for many years, they provide a personal yet professional workshop for those interested in a VO career.  Together they’re able to offer time tested experience combined with an intimate understanding of all sides of the VO business.  All classes are held at the award-winning Bell Sound Studios in Hollywood. 


About Us

Jerry Houser

Robb Holt

Jerry Houser is a working voice actor who has had a dynamic and varied career in Hollywood. Not only is he an award winning and accomplished voice over artist and producer, he's also enjoyed a highly succesful career as an actor in both film and television. 

From an early age he's had a passion for teaching and is excited to share his creative insights and understanding of the voice over business. His instruction is artistic, technical and fun as he looks to help students grow and develop in preparation for a VO career. 


Robb Holt, one of the top studio engineers in Hollywood has engineered and/or produced dozens of award winning radio and TV commercials and campaigns.  Having worked side-by-side with producers and creative directors from the elite ad agencies on both coasts, Rob has developed a keen understanding of what producers are looking for and just how to “get it” from his talent. 

In the 1990’s Rob began his first voice over workshop and has since trained countless numbers of actors and actresses.  Many of his students have gone on to successful VO careers.







                                                                                       •   818-667-2307


The Beginner class is perfect for those just starting out.  Here we introduce you to all the basic aspects of the VO world.  On the practical side, you’ll be learning and rehearsing in the same studios where the seasoned professionals have been working during the day.  You’ll become familiar with all facets of the studio (microphones, headphones and recording software).  You’ll learn “session etiquette” and what is expected of you once you arrive at studio.

On the artistic side, you’ll learn what to do once a script is in your hands; how to interpret the copy and how to take direction. Throughout the 6-week course you’ll work on tags, monologues, dialogs and group reads.  You’ll develop your timing and begin to find out just who “you” are and what “your” sound is.  Small classes mean more time on mic and more time on mic means more of a chance to develop and learn.



Our Intermediate/Advanced class provides our students with the opportunity to develop and refine their talents.  At this point you know all the basics and you’re comfortable in the studio.  You’ve taken the time to build your foundation, now you can learn the subtleties and nuances of voiceover.  You’ll learn how to take direction, interpret copy and find your character.  You’ll develop the skills to monitor yourself and how to approach an audition. You’ll have a chance to experiment with different vocal styles as well as learning how to “just be yourself”.  (It’s harder than you think).  You’ll find “your voice” and what makes YOU special. You’ll learn about pickups, working with music tracks and voicing to sound bites. Providing you’re at the “demo” stage, we’ll begin preparing for your VO demo.

Ultimately, we want you to be prepared and "on top of it" so when you walk into the studio for that first job you’ll be confident and ready.


With our Private training you'll receive personal one-on-one instruction.  We'll examine just what you need to define your own unique sound. You'll have all the time necessary to understand, develop and fine tune your technique.  It's all about what YOU need, be it script interpretation, audition preparation or demo work.

Whatever stage you're at in your VO training, this time is dedicated specifically to you and your growth as a voice over artist.

Fees & Schedules


Classes run in 6 week cycles.   The cost is $495.   All materials are provided. 

Each class is 3 hours in length and is held once a week at Bell Sound Studios in Hollywood. 

Classes are limited to 6-8 students to allow personal attention and maximum mic time.


Private training is $100 per hour and can be arranged to fit your schedule.


For more information please email us at:


or call 818-667-2307


Bell Sound Studios Hollywood

Bell Sound Studios ranks as one of the top commercial recording facilities in Southern California and is now also home to the Houser/Holt VO Workshop.  Students will have the opportunity to work in a professional environment with all the same tools and equipment used in professional day-to-day commercial recording.  

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